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The future of mobile publishing within your reach today

  Publish InDesign, HTML and PDF content to
       tablets and phones
   Customize your app interface
   Publish article and issue-based content
   Publish to the app stores or in-house

Twixl Publisher is an all in one solution. It lets you create your content with your trusted creation and layout tools, define your app interface, build your app and distribute your content in the app stores or in-house.

Easy to use, unlimited, flexible and affordable!

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Discover Twixl Publisher 5

Twixl Publisher 5 - Is available since the 21st of June

Twixl Publisher 5 is innovative in many ways, both in content creation and in content presentation, and lets you connect to a multitude of content sources and content management systems.

Twixl Publisher 5 brings:

   HTML input in addition to InDesign and PDF
   A shift from a publication-based approach to an
       article-based approach
   Enhanced content presentation options
   Automated production workflow capabilities

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