Double Title
DoubleFaced is a reference for the extensive Arabic type collection supplied by Grapheast.


The collection featured within this book is from different type foundries and it covers a vast choice of fonts suitable for use as display and text fonts.

The concept of this book is based around the display of the fonts in a manner that allows the designer to view them with maximum clarity and to see different fonts next to each other for projects that require the marriage of a display font with a text one or for those that require the use of different weights and sizes of the same font.

This functionality further allows the designer to view his choice in an easy and practical manner. Hence, the pages are divided into two, where the fonts on the right side can be viewed along many other fonts on the left to achieve this purpose.

Over 200 pages of type samples. Clear markings of Arabic fonts with their matching Latin fonts, when applicable. Full Alphabet viewing. Clear indication of fonts families. All Arabic fonts are available in OpenType for all Adobe products in both Mac and Windows, and for arPix Professional for both Mac and Windows.

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