The 21st Century's Multilingual Range of Typefaces.
The first ever harmonious range of Arabic-Latin (serif and sans serif) typefaces to serve the needs of today's creative industry.


Currently when Arabic and Latin typefaces are
required to be used together, the choices of style
are difficult to reconcile.

There are no common factors and because the Arabic and Latin alphabets have developed independently, the selection, for example, of Arabic and English text to be used together can be random, sometimes dictated only by recognition of popular styles that have been used previously, or simply by a well known typeface name.

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By their very nature, Latin typefaces have been designed to perform legibly for their exclusive readership and do not relate to, or cater for, other alphabetical forms such as Arabic.

The design of the family of Tanseek fonts addresses the sensitive relationship for this specific multilingual use, with careful and deliberate proportions, weights and calligraphic influence in two styles, Modern (sans serif) and Traditional (Roman).

Tanseek is the perfect range for all DTP and creative needs and ideal for all bilingual signage needs.

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