Linotype’s goal is to be a partner for designers and typographers, and to support a global transfer of know-how and an open exchange of ideas and information in the field of typography.

Many of today’s most important and internationally influential fonts derived from the Linotype library and it’s predecessors. Original fonts that you can nowadays find on every PC as postscript fonts have been licensed from this huge library.

The libraries offer the best value per font of any of our packages and compilations.
Libraries contain the fonts unlocked in both platforms for instant use. Presently Linotype offers the complete Linotype library with all Adobe and licensed typefaces, the ITC library and the TakeType library. More

Linotype offers a lot of new, modern and traditional Arabic fonts. These fonts are available in OpenType format and they support the Arabic, Persian and Urdu languages. But that’s not all: These fonts also include basis Latin characters that match the Arabic in style and weight, and an extra set of proportional numerals, and they adhere to Linotype’s high standard of technical quality. More

Take the chance to get famous font compilations from Linotype. These compilations offer a high value to the user and can be seen as small libraries for the entry into the communication and design business. More

The Platinum Collection is the exclusive series of optimized classic typefaces from the Linotype Library. In close cooperation with the world-famous type designers, Linotype has produced, reworked expanded typeface families that are both technologically and aesthetically up to date. More

With these Value Packages Linotype offers a special saving for complete font families. These packages offer a real saving value. The fonts can be easily ordered and are offered for instant download. More

Linotype has a range of affordable and flexible font licenses and services that cover a variety of applications beyond the scope of the standard End User License Agreement (EULA). Contact us for more information.

Barcode fonts are available either be purchased as individual items or any number can be selected to make up a particular combination as required. They are available in TrueType and PostScript formats, for PC, MAC or Unix platforms and they come with a special encoding application to get the translation into ascii characters for use in any software application. PCL formats available on request. More

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