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Student Program
Movie editing software that does it all!
Realize your vision with powerful movie editing software. Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus lets you edit in HD and 3D on the multi-track timeline, choose from over 1,800 2D/3D effects and perfect your audio. Create amazing animations frame by frame with new Stop Motion Animation. Combine footage from up to 4 cameras with the multi-camera video editor, and add moving text or graphics to an object with new Motion Tracking. Live Screen Capture is enhanced, letting you easily to record anything you see and hear on your computer to include in your videos. Upload your videos directly to social sites, export for popular devices or burn to DVD with 50+ new menu templates.
Powerful video editing
Edit like a pro with 24-track frame-accurate HD and 3D editing. Trim clips precisely, add effects and transitions exactly where you want them, and much more.
  Add excitement
Choose from over 1,800 2D and 3D effects. Create amazing animations with Stop Motion Animation or layer multiple tracks with easy-to-use opacity settings.
  Unlimited creativity
Combine up to 4 camera angles with the Multi-Camera Editor. Track and label an object with New Motion Tracking. The creative possibilities are limitless.
Correct and enhance
Crop, pan and zoom, correct color and clean up your photos and videos before you make your movie. Then use them again in any movie project.
Perfect your sound
Add a custom-fit soundtrack with royalty-free ScoreFitter music. Automatically lower background sound to keep dialog clear with Audio Ducking.
Record your screen
Easily create tutorial videos or how-to demonstrations with Live Screen Capture. Capture your screen, system audio and voiceover, and then import it into the timeline to edit and refine.


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