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Why Twixl Publisher

Why our customers chose Twixl Publisher…

Easy workflow and easy app creation
Twixl Publisher is based on our philosophy of ease of use, simplicity and intuition. We put the user and the user experience at the heart of our solution. That is being reflected in every word, pixel and button. Our four-step model ‘Design, Present, Build and Publish' is the fastest and easiest way to an enticing, interactive reader experience.

Not only does Twixl Publisher allow you to create mobile apps without any programming knowledge, but we effectively provide a complete solution for content creation, app creation and distribution. A solution that lets you get started from scratch and publish to your readers' devices without the need for other tools or services, except for the public app stores or the in-company distribution system.

Design your publication with your preferred tools. You can start from Adobe InDesign but also easily publish HTML-based content or PDFs. We support different content types. Our own .article and .publication format created using the Twixl Publisher plug-in in InDesign, HTML content and standard PDF files for non-interactive publications.  All of them can be combined in the same app.

Both the creation process and the publishing process are article-based, giving you as much flexibility as you can get. You can publish article by article, group articles into a collection (an issue) or you can combine both approaches.

You can publish or update any article at any time and within seconds it will become available in your app. The interface configuration options for your app are completely server-driven meaning any changes you make are also instantly reflected without the need to resubmit your app.

Manual and Automated
Creating your content in InDesign or creating HTML with your preferred tools and publishing it into your app is a manual process. But being able to publish HTML opens the door to automatic content flows and integration with any CMS or even RSS feed and different kinds of video or image channels. This brings a completely new dynamic and a wealth of possibilities.

Cost Effective
Lower total cost of ownership

Our pricing is as transparent and easy as our product. We provide our customers a state of the art solution and all the support they need for a fixed yearly subscription fee. There is no extra cost for getting an app published except for the cost of creating the app itself and because our tools are easier to use, this cost is significantly lower than with any comparable solution. Working with HTML content, which can be made responsive, lets you avoid having to create extra layouts to work “pixel-perfect” in InDesign (separate versions for portrait and landscape, versions for tablets and phones, etc.).

To make it even easier, we provide a free trial version of Twixl Publisher that allows users to develop and test an app before publishing it in the App Stores, so they can experience how our solution works for free.

The subscription cost is one aspect but for experienced publishers the download cost is as important. A yearly bandwidth volume is included in our subscriptions and is sufficient for 95% of our customers. As our customers are moving to article-based publishing, one added advantage will be that it is more bandwidth friendly. In case you do need to purchase extra bandwidth, extra volume is available at competitive market prices. This bandwidth volume also remains valid as long as you have an active subscription.

When looking at the total cost of ownership, Twixl media really makes a difference.

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