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Twixl Publiser               Who is it for?               Why Twixl?
Efficient mobile publishing
Twixl Publisher allows you to:

   Create apps for tablets and phones fully independently
   Go from designing to publishing in the app stores or in-house
   Start from different types of content
   Create automated production workflows

It is a solution for content creation & presentation, app building and distribution.

Create > Present > Build > Distribute

For content creation, Twixl Publisher offers two approaches; The pixel-perfect approach using InDesign content and the responsive approach using HTML content.
We offer a plug-in for Adobe InDesign (all versions since CS6) that allows you to create interactive content for mobile devices. A multitude of interactive content types are supported, such as photo slide shows, audio, video, scrollable content and more. You can even integrate HTML-based content within your InDesign layout.
You can also decide to create your articles with the HTML tool of your choice and make your content responsive. But in most cases HTML content will be published in an automated fashion pushed from your CMS workflow.
PDF content is also supported and the different content types can be combined within the same app.

To present your content, Twixl Publisher lets you define the interface of your app, based on a grid layout. “Browse pages” let you introduce your content to your readers in a very flexible way. This interface can be a classic kiosk approach, a continuous channel approach or a combination of both. You are in control and you can define how you want to guide your readers through your content.

For building apps, Twixl Publisher's stand-alone Mac OS X application lets you create tablet apps, phone apps or universal apps for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire. Both single- and multi-issue applications can be published "ad hoc" (for testing), in the app stores or deployed in-house (also called "enterprise distribution").

The Twixl Distribution Platform takes care of the storage of your content and connects to your automated content sources or your CMS workflow. It manages the distribution of your publications in the different app stores or in-house, supports in-app purchases and subscriptions, manages who gets access to which of your publications, provides detailed analytics information and lets you communicate with your subscribers by means of push notifications.
How will readers find the way to the heart of your app?

In the past a classic kiosk approach was the only possibility to introduce your content. Now you can layout your app interface just the way you would like to.
Twixl Publisher lets you layout one or more browse pages to introduce your content.
You can define which article(s) you are going to emphasize, which specific chapters or sections you want to put in the spotlight, how you’ll provide an overview for readers to access all your legacy content, …

Based on a grid layout you can layout every single cell of your browse pages. This interface can be a classic kiosk approach, a continuous channel approach or a combination of both. You are in control and you can define how you want to guide your readers through your content.

The different display parameters of your browse pages are server-driven, so any changes you make are immediately available in the app without the need to resubmit an app update.
This approach combined with the ability to publish article by article is offering you a tremendous flexibility.

The Twixl App Reviewer also lets you review your entire app, both the interface with all browse pages, and the contents itself.
CMS integration

Twixl Publisher offers the possibility to integrate with different solutions for automated production flows and so to push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform and into your app.

The “Integration API” option allows you to integrate with a number of solutions that we support out of the box, but using that same API, basically any type of CMS could be setup to push content to the Twixl Distribution Platform. Some custom development or help from your local integrator may be required to achieve this.
The Twixl Distribution Platform can also pull content from automated content sources. This lets you easily integrate RSS feeds, YouTube channels and Vimeo Channels in your app. This gives you the possibility to enhance your app in a very easy yet valuable way.

The CMS solutions that we support are:
Twixl Publisher 5 - Five components
Publish for mobile

Plug-in for Adobe InDesign®
Create your complete interactive publication in the same familiar environment.

OS X app
The Twixl Publisher application allows you to build the apps for iOS and/or Android, either for phones only, tablets only, or universal.

Twixl Viewer Classic

The free Twixl Viewer Classic for iOS and Android allows a designer to send a preview of an InDesign article or publication to a tablet or phone on the local Wifi network.

Twixl App Reviewer

Review your complete app. The interface and all content pages. InDesign, HTML and PDF content all together.

Twixl Distribution Platform

The Twixl Distribution Platform is a cloud-based system to manage and store content for multi-issue (kiosk) apps  created with Twixl Publisher and to connect with your CMS and/or different automated content sources.

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