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Get the power of FileMaker on iPad and iPhone

FileMaker Go is a free app available on the App Store that runs your FileMaker solutions on iPad and iPhone. Create solutions with FileMaker Pro then use FileMaker Go to easily share information with your team while on the go. These mobile solutions have the full power and capability of a FileMaker desktop solution. Use FileMaker Go to check inventory in the warehouse, create invoices during client visits, perform inspections onsite, and more.
For real-time access to the most up-to-date information, host solutions with    FileMaker Server. For this option, purchase of concurrent connections is required along with access to a local wireless or cellular network. Or to share your solutions offline, copy files to FileMaker Go using iTunes File Sharing, email or AirDrop.

Product Overview
FileMaker feature support Familiar features such as portals, Tab Control, and the Web Viewer work on FileMaker Go. And most script steps, Script Triggers and calculation functions are also supported.
Data management
Collect, edit, search and sort data on your iPad and iPhone.
Media file support
Take photos, videos and audio and add them directly to your solution.
Display charts and graphs in your data for eye-catching reports. Even print reports and forms using AirPrint.
Signature capture Capture and add signatures to your solution from the iPad and iPhone.
Bar code scanner Automatically scan bar codes using your iPad and iPhone with FileMaker Go — no plug-ins required.
Keyboard types Choose a keyboard to match the type of data you want to collect including URL, number, email, phone, and more.
Starter Solutions
Select professionally designed templates in FileMaker Pro that have layouts tailored for iPad and iPhone to manage contacts, assets, invoices, and more.
Use iOS-style popovers to view grouped fields, links and other information without opening multiple windows.
Slide control Manage images and other data in separate slide panels all within the same layout. Swipe to navigate between panels.
Data export Export your data from FileMaker Go in formats such as Excel, CSV, TAB, or HTML files.
Database encryption Your data is secure while on your device or hosted on FileMaker Server 14 using powerful AES 256-bit encryption — requires FileMaker Pro Advanced to enable encryption.
File transfer Leveraging the iOS Share Sheet, move files between iOS apps on the same device and use AirDrop to transfer files to apps on other iOS devices.
Universal app The FileMaker Go app is designed for both iPad and iPhone.

New in FileMaker Go 14
New User Interface
FileMaker Go 14 has a brand new look that reflects the style of iOS 8 for a consistent user experience. Easily make your solutions full screen by using scripts or swiping to hide the user interface.
Launch Center Visually organize all your FileMaker solutions in one place. Use attractive pre-designed icons to represent your solutions. Or even add custom icons. Pin solutions so they stay at the top of the screen.
Insert bar code Instantly scan bar codes and insert them into your solution — now with no scripting needed.
Rich text editing Choose the size, color, and font of your text — includes bold, underline, and italics options.
Set screen orientation Use a script to lock the orientation of your layout in order to build layouts specifically for portrait or landscape views.
Enhanced signature capture Display the signature capture screen in portrait view as well as landscape. Using scripts, add more information including title, description text, and the text under the signature line.
Video and audio playback control Play videos in a container field as well as in full screen. And interact with your layouts while videos are playing. New scripts automate the starting and stopping point of a video or audio recording.
Enable touch keyboards Add a script to control whether or not the keyboard appears. Tap into and scroll through a field without the keyboard getting in the way.
Vertical scroll bar The scroll bar now appears only when scrolling in a field for cleaner looking layouts.

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