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Avenir Next™ by Adrian Frutiger

Avenir Next®
Completely reworked Avenir typeface family, newly designed in regular, regular italic, condensed and condensed italic, each containing 6 weights from Ultralight to Heavy. Avenir Next offers an optimal balance of harmony and contrast.


The first comprehensive font system: With this typeface system, there are no limits to the font user´s creativity.

Eurostile Next

Eurostile® Next
Corrected, expanded, improved – Eurostile Next.

Frutiger Next

Frutiger® Next
This font lends clarity and legibility to the presentation of information.
All weights are available separately in Central European font format as well.
Now available with OpenType features and a new extra light version.

Optima™ nova

Optima® nova
The complete redesign of the famous Optima™, including small caps, old style figures, new italic and condensed weights and Optima™ nova Titling with capital letters, unusual letter combinations and ligatures.

Palatino™ nova

Palatino® nova
Professor Hermann Zapf´s Palatino for the digital age.

Sabon™ Next

Sabon® Next
The revival of the famous Sabon™ with more weights for better communication, small caps and old style figures. 47 carefully digitized fonts.

Linotype Syntax™, Syntax Letter and Syntax Serif

Linotype Syntax®, Syntax Letter and Syntax Serif
The classic Linotype Syntax typefaces have teamed up with Linotype Syntax Letter and Linotype Syntax Serif to form a new, complete type system. One of the two new additions, Linotype Syntax Letter, was especially designed for office communications, and is reminiscent of Rustic lettering from ancient Rome. The other, Linotype Syntax Serif, is ideal for longer texts in books and magazines.

Linotype Univers™

Linotype Univers®
One of the greatest typographic achievements of the second half of the 20th century. Built to an extensive family with 63 different weights.


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