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Linotype GoldEdition

Linotype GoldEdition™ 1.7.1
The GoldEdition 1.7.1 contains the largest library collection available:
Over 3,900 fonts from Linotype (Adobe, AGFA Monotype, ITC and others) unlocked on four CD-ROMs, two for Macintosh and two for Windows or on one DVD with all fonts in all formats. More than 1,900 fonts with an integrated Euro symbol.

Adobe Type Collection

Adobe Type Collection OpenType Edition
Over 2,100 OpenType fonts, combining the best offerings from Adobe, Monotype, ITC, Linotype, and many other foundries and designers.

ITC Library

ITC Library OpenType Edition
Prominent designs include the widely used ITC Franklin Gothic, ITC Stone, ITC Officina and ITC Conduit families.

Monotype Library

Monotype Library OpenType Edition
More than 750 Monotype typefaces to choose from!
The Monotype Original collection brings a number of widely used options to Linotype customers, such as Gill Sans™ Pro, and the Rotis™ families in OpenType format! Many new ITC faces are available as well.

Linotype OpenType Library Bundle

Linotype OpenType Library 1.0 Bundle
The Linotype OpenType Bundle covers all important classic and a wide range of new modern typefaces.

Linotype Originals Collection

The Linotype Originals OpenType Edition Version Two
1,710 original fonts from Linotype. Best-selling and popular designs from around the globe packaged together for one low price. Covers all major classics and a wide range of new modern classics for all kinds of creative work.

ITC Collection 1.0 OpenType

ITC Collection 1.0 OpenType
Over 400 famous fonts from ITC, Fontek, and Letraset. Some of the best-known typeface designs in the world.

Assorted Collection 1.0 OpenType
Assorted Collection 1.0 OpenType
Over 1,000 fonts from the world’s largest distributors, including Adobe’s fonts and offerings from Monotype and Bauer. Tremendous cost per font savings! Many fonts include typographically sophisticated OpenType features. Central European, Cyrillic, and Greek supported as well.

TakeType Library

TakeType™ Library
This young and fresh library has been established from the winners of the type design contests and the many entries from young and trendy type designers: These fonts are vital and fresh and offer a large variety of designs that give a new influence into the design process. Some faces are already seen at many occasions. The Library presently consists of four different CDs.


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